INTERVIEW w/ Mariam:

Mariam, tell us a little about you. What motivated you to seek out personal training?

I'm a mom of two little kids, a 2 and 1 year old. For the past few years all of my focus has been on them and my body theirs to use. It wasn't until my second child was 4 months old that I realized I had spent the whole time in pjs with my hair in a bun and usually no makeup ( I'm pretty sure I scared a few people including my husband). I started feeling like I had lost a little bit of myself and my self-esteem. It was time to get my  "sexy"  back and the first step was losing weight and getting into the gym. Spending a few hours a week with Rebecca has given me the confidence I used to have back and in return has made me a better mother. I'm showing my kids that if  you have goals in life and you stick to them anything is possible.

You've been training with me since February 2012 and just hit your weightloss goal of 30lbs lighter. That is awesome! You look amazing and I can't stop smiling at the progress you have made.  What kind of daily and weekly commitments did you have to make for this change to happen?

What I quickly learned about losing weight is that it doesn't happen over night. It takes time and a lot of trial and error. The first 15 pounds were fairly easy. I cut out junk food, carbs like pancakes and bagels (two of my favorites) and cut down on the carry-out to once a week. The second 15 were a nightmare and took twice as long. I didn't want to feel like I was on a diet for the rest of my life so it was time to make permeant lifestyle changes. I usually didn't eat lunch so by the time dinner rolled around I was super hungry which caused me to stuff myself with all the wrong foods. Learning to eat 4 or 5 small meals through out the day was a big change, helps to keep me feeling full so that I don't pig out during dinner. Adding the right type of foods was another step. Since I'm not a big meat eater I've added beans and lentils which have a lot of protein and fill you up. I've also added salmon (my daughter loves it now) three times a week and instead of steaming vegtables (they taste bland to me) I roast them (carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, everything) it brings out the favors, delicious and healthy. Most importantly, I remember to have cheat days to reward myself. It's to hard to give up Mexican and margaritas!

Thank you Mariam for sharing your success and being an inspiration!  You rock!  It has been a pleasure to be your coach/trainer and I look forward to the next step :-)